CYGSA has developed a wide range of technical materials for the car manufacturing sector:

  • Window glass encapsulation
  • Seatbelt protection strips
  • Seat cover piping
  • Handles for handbrakes, door handles
  • Injection, rotational molding of various parts…

Our catalogue includes products which meet the most stringent car-manufacturing regulations: ISO 6722 and LV 112. In fact, our car-cable products have stood out for a number of years now.

· T2 – Class B (-40º to 105º C): Small sections (0.35 mm2) and medium-large sections (0.5 to 6 mm2)
· T3 – Class C (-40º to 125º C): Cars, trucks and batteries
· T4 – Class D (-40º to 150º C): Under development
Halogen Free
Low Halogens

PVC Compounds

We offer a wide range of PVC compounds for cable insulation and sheathing.

Power Cables - Low Voltage

In addition to standard materials, we offer the following options:

  • Fire-retardant (Stair test)
  • Low halogens
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons
  • Low temperature
  • Resistant to UV radiation


Halogen Free Compounds

Power Cables
· Sheathing ZH RZ1-K
· Insulation ES 07Z1-K
· Sheathing – high resistance to abrasion/tearing

  • Corrugated tube
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Shielded tube
  • Electrical ducts
  • Flexible electrical tubes
  • Electrical metallic tube lining
  • Cables and small parts for electrical/electronic devices
  • Compliance REACH / RoHS

Vinyl floors

Window profiles and glazing seals, shutter boxes …

Fittings (pressure, evacuation)

Fire retardant compound panels for covering facades

Industrial, spiral, food industry hoses Irrigation hoses. Miscellaneous tubes

Resistant membranes for covering tunnels, swimming pools, etc.

Wall covering profiles (Class M1)


Products for footwear

PVC Compounds

Wide range of products for injection of footwear (compact micro-expansive PVC).
· Sector-specific boots: Food, industrial, agriculture.
· Fashion
· Safety shoes

We adapt our formulations in accordance with our customers’ requirements (anti-grease, oil resistant, resistant to detergents, resistant to chemical products, anti-static, etc.).

Special mention may be made of our highly-sustainable, phthalate- and heavy metal-free “BIOVIPLAS” products.


Thermoplastic Rubber (TR)

· Sports footwear, (trekking, etc.)
· Safety shoes





Caps for food contact

Retractable and extensible film

Bottles for cosmetics and food

Household products