A commitment to Innovation

CYGSA’s vision is focused on the implementation of specific measures to support the transfer of technology and to promote industrial competitiveness through


We employ the most extensive range of cutting-edge technology for quality control and the development of new projects and formulations (rheology and extrusion behaviour tests, colormetry, LOI oxygen index measurement equipment, fluidity index determination, etc.).

We are also backed by the direct support of the companies in our group (Shin-Etsu, Cires and Previnil), as well as the collaboration provided by different Technology Centres.



  • Window profile certificate CSTB (NF 126)
  • Construction materials fire reaction test (NF P 95-501) Classification M1
  • Fire propagation test (CEIS)
  • NF regulation for rigid PVC profiles for exterior use (LNE)
  • WRAS certificate– Suitable for contact with drinking water (BS 6920-1:2000)





This project has been aproved by the Ministry of Economy, under the programme “RETOS COLABORACIÓN”. Development of PVC compounds for the construction sector, using recycled material. Important goals have already been achieved.

This project, participated […]


Development of high-sustainability vinyl compounds.
Under the umbrella of ‘Iberoeka’ programme for technological cooperation between Latin American companies, the BIOVIPLAS project has been created for the development of new formulations of PVC-based biocomposites. The project’s […]


Alternatives for the fire-proofing of compounds by expansion procedures.
Under the umbrella of the ‘Eureka’ program developed by CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development), Cygsa initiated a search for an alternative method for obtaining highly […]


Certified formulas for outdoor applications.
Cygsa has developed and standardised, through French laboratories, different rigid PVC formulas primarily intended for use in profiles and metallic carpentry for outdoor use.

As a result, the company has formulas […]


Specific solutions for coating non-halogenated cables.
As a result of the introduction of REBT-2002, the main repercussion of which was the prohibition of using PVC cables in public areas, Cygsa entered a diversification stage in […]


Cygsa has participated in other lines of research in areas related to nanotechnology and sustainability.
In the field of nanotechnology, Cygsa has participated in various projects in which the object of study has been on […]





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